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East or West Morocco Stars Travel is the best

We are a specialist Morocco Stars Travel company offering bespoke Morocco Travel & Tailored Tours of Morocco. The Atlas Mountains, Imperial Cities & Sahara Desert . more than  you can discover our cultures like ( locally made dishes .different transport . jewelry shop . flowers shop .oil Argan . carpet cooperatives . fossils decoration ......)
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Morocco S tars Travel offre a nice Programme : FEZ + MEKNES + RABAT + CASABLANCA + MARRAKECH


• Fès – 2 nights
• Meknès – 1 night
• Rabat - 2 nights
• Casablanca visiting Hassan II mosque at Seaside
• Marrakech – 2 nights

Fez Fez is one of the largest living medieval cities in the world Its narrow alleys and streets along with medieval looking Islamic Schools, restaurants, workshops, markets, shops and ancient palaces do make something special although chaotic to experience. Fez, the capital of the North was funded a few years after the Arabs came to this region. Around 800AD, King Idriss II continued his father will of building a new bigger capital city, so Fez was born and grew from a modest Berber town to a considerably residential and commercial centre with the arrival of 8000 Al-Andalusian families that quickly mixed along some Arab families that came from Qayrawan in Tunisia.

Fez as a lot to offer. You can experience different monuments and Royal Palaces, narrow streets with local bazaars and shops, you can visit the cit…

discover MOROCCO with Morocco Stars Travel

Morocco Stars Travel lead you to discover some wonderful places in MOROCCO
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Welcome to the natural beauty and splendor of Morocco! Morocco Stars Travel! can organize any Sahara Desert excursion to fit your budget and schedule. We offer guided tours from one day to two-weeks that can accommodate your personalized interests and desires. From off-road vehicle trips, hiking, camel tours or camel treks through the classic Saharan dunes, biking, or hammam experiences, these exotic adventures can be seamlessly arranged for you. 
All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the experience! Our expert guides are friendly, multi-lingual and extremely professional with years of experience guiding savvy tourists through the Sahara desert and southern Morocco. 
If you are thinking about a Saharan Desert tour or just an amazing Moroccan vacation, then Morocco Stars Travel! is the company for you! We are here to make your dream traveling become a true…